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Jason, Los Angeles

Jason, Los Angeles

A friend told me about LMDating about a year ago. I joined as I was busy with launching my own company. I live in a small city in Western US so It hasn’t been easy to meet girls in my area. After moving back to L.A. this week I upgraded my membership on LMDating and started chatting with a few girls that the dating consultant introduced to me. I had very good chemistry with one girl, in fact after 3 days I flew to her city to meet.
She was beautiful, generous and very friendly. We had a great time. She showed me her city and eat some great local foods. Definitely mature in her way but 8 years younger than me.
I have been enchanted by her city and her.
Tang Tang, New York

Tang Tang, New York

Life is a like a box of chocolates. You never know what’s coming next. When Cancer meets Capricorn you know you are going to have instant mutual attraction.
I joined LMDating before him, we chatted rarely one on one, mostly just in the group chat. We lived in separate cities, so staying connected wasn’t easy.
Recently he started to chat in the North American group chat and we quickly started talking again one on one. In no way I expected this would turn into a romantic relationship.
You know when they say you know just “know” when you meet “the one”?
Peter, Huston

Peter, Huston

I remember the day I started using LMDating. It was a hot summer day and I was at home doing nothing. That’s when I received the first message from my dating consultant saying that I had been matched with a chinese girl in my city. I added the girl as a friend on chat and I was right away intrigued by her profile and pictures. We live in the same city so discretion was important to her so we took it slowly. But things have gone well!
Jiaqi, Vancouver

Jiaqi, Vancouver

My best friend suggested I joined LMDating. After I became a member, my personal dating consultant recommended me several nice guys, but I talked to one of them on on one the most because I initially came across his profile and asked my dating consultant his contact information. Surprisingly, we discovered that both of us came from same city in China, and our conversation just somehow wouldn’t stop! After two-months chatting, we decided to move from “just dating” to a serious relationship. I couldn’t believe that I initially joined LMDating looking for something casual but ended up with a serious boyfriend! I want to thank LMDating for allowing me to meet him, who is 100% better than all of my ex-boyfriends… I met someone who’s the one I love!

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